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Cybersecurity Preparedness is a system intended to reduce risk from a cyber-attack that includes the development of cyber-security policies and procedures, compliance tools, information sharing pathways, training, and exercises.

Today, cybersecurity preparedness is a top concern of most businesses and government agencies, which have become greatly reliant on modern technology out of competitive necessity or the need for greater connectivity. With this connectivity comes increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Sophisticated cyber threat actors and nation-states target and exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and assets or to disrupt, destroy, or extort through the denial of services, to include the threat of non-delivery of essential services.  

As a result, SummitET™ understands the requirements of both business and government agencies to adjust cyber-security business plans, policies, and procedures to stay ahead of the threat and/or react to new regulations.

Team SummitET’s cadre of experts stand ready to prepare its clients against cyber-attacks through the following: 

  • Support development of tailored policies and procedures to reduce risk

  • Development of threat information sharing pathways

  • Provision of training and education

  • Exercises designed to test compliance


SummitET’s collective corporate experience includes, but is not limited to:


  • Information System Breech or Failure – Continuity of Operations

  • Protective/Sensitive Information Breech


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