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Crisis Communications

Successful Incident Response

Organizational reputations take years to create and can be tarnished in an instant. Without careful planning, even a small incident or event can rapidly overwhelm an organization and distort its image causing its customers, shareholders, and stakeholders to lose trust and confidence. Communicating timely and accurate information to a spectrum of constituent audiences can be the difference between a successful incident response or a response with a sub-optimal outcome.

Traditional public relations and marketing efforts are generally not as effective in crisis situations. Sometimes such approaches may have negative consequences by conveying the wrong message. An effective strategy to immediately address an issue in an honest and compassionate manner is paramount. Effective crisis communications require specific plans and procedures, often engaging parts of the organization that may not actively participate in day-to-day communications functions. In a fast-paced, high-risk environment with the backdrop of social-media and a 24-hour news cycle, there is no margin for error. Having a clear strategy is a must.

SummitET™ communications professionals have experience in a myriad of fields and have worked with organizations both large and small. We understand crisis communication should not only provide information to the media, but should also inform employees, employees’ families, and other affected populations. SummitET’s team draws on its team’s wealth of experience in crisis communications with backgrounds in both the public and private sectors. Having worked with a spectrum of audiences from the international to the community level, we offer customized training and preparedness solutions including:

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Assistance with Crisis Communication Planning

  • Exercises and Simulations

  • Risk Communication Training

  • Media Relations

  • Use of Social Media in Crisis Situations

Our training and exercises are based on real world experiences and founded in best practice. Training is realistic, comprehensive and applicable to a variety of situations. Our crisis communications exercises are designed with the client in mind, taking their particular concerns into consideration.

SummitET offers a wide variety of training and consultative support, backed up with validation exercises in this field. Our team can assist in plan review as well as strategic development and response, in addition to the tailored training and exercises.

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