Summit Exercises and Training
A Preparedness Solutions Company®


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At Summit Exercises and Training™, developing the capacity to mitigate risk and prepare individuals and organizations is our life, our business, and our passion. Whether it’s a situation resulting from natural, technological, or human factors, every member of the SummitET™ team is dedicated to ensuring our clients are prepared for the unthinkable. Exercises are the foundation upon which we build this disaster preparedness and response.

Our mission is SET to be the leading provider for customized preparedness solutions. 

Our professionals, team members, and partners have harnessed their years of “in the field” know-how and applied it to the design, development, facilitation and evaluation of all manner of exercises. Engaging in the SET culture means bringing your professional skills to the table. SummitET offers excellent benefits, a collegial team environment, and opportunities for growth. 


Work-Life Balance

SummitET associates enjoy generous PTO and paid holidays. Our leadership encourages and fosters a team and family environment.



SummitET pays 100% of your Employee Only healthcare premiums and covers 50% of the remaining dependent premiums.


Retirement planning

SummitET associates may choose to participate in a 401K plan administered through ADP. Associates may choose between a traditional 401K plan and a ROTH 401K. SummitET currently offers company matching contributions per pay period. 


Continued Education

SummitET may reimburse education classes or programs to any full-time associate looking to earn a degree or certification in a qualified area that may apply to your employment.

Open Positions

At Summit we:

  • Pride ourselves with offering the highest quality of customer service -- we endlessly strive to serve our customer.

  • We act with integrity, allowing our actions to demonstrate our outstanding reputation. We believe in honesty and transparency to cultivate long-term relationships with clients, stakeholders, and within our team.

  • Our team is our identity. We are associate-based and focused. Our people are our most important asset.

  • Consistently deliver quality products and services, meaning we only do what we can do well.

  • Enable our team to lead to help shape a better organizational future.

  • Leverage the collective genius of our talented workforce.

  • Demand excellence in ourselves and our team.

  • Are passionate and committed, in both heart and mind -- to each other, our customers, and corporate values.

  • Believe in diversity, of both views and background -- not only as a sign of respect, but also as a way of cultivating creativity and leveraging the collective genius of our talented workforce so we can offer our clients the best results possible.

  • Act with humility, with an understanding that as team members we are open to personal growth and continuous improvement.

  • Results-driven. We have a "can do" (positive) attitude and drive to get the job accomplished.

  • Provide customer-focused solutions.

  • Promote a work/life balance.

[Summit Exercises and Training is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in E-Verify.]