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Communicating Technical Information to a Non-technical Audience

In my 30+ year career, I’ve been fortunate to be able contribute in some small way to some world class organizations. I’ve come to realize that my biggest challenges haven’t been the technical aspects, but the communication aspects of health physics and radiation safety. Here are some thoughts for those tasked with communicating technical information to a non-technical audience.

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Radiological Information Document

Prepared by SummitET’s Vice President and Corporate Health Physicist, Steve Sugarman, this document briefly explains various radiation-related terms and concepts in an easy to read format and to provide additional information for those that may find it useful. Although organizationally different among the states, each has a radiation health department that can help with further questions and concerns.

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Natural Disasters Take a Toll on the US Economy: and it's Only Getting Worse

During 2017, the U.S. experienced a historic year of weather and climate disasters. NOAA has stated that 2017 was the second warmest year on record, with natural disasters costing the US economy $306 billion - $100 billion than the year before. It is estimated that approximately 1 in 8 Americans were affected by such disasters in just this one year. In total, the U.S. was impacted by 16 separate billion-dollar disaster events including: three tropical cyclones, eight severe storms, two inland floods, a crop freeze, drought, and wildfire.

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Welcome (Back)!

We at Summit are excited to launch our new and improved website, offering more accessible and updated content about the range of service offerings, clients, activities, and team members. As always, we focus on client-centric mission-specific services, and strive not only to be the best in customer service, but the leader in "best in process" training solutions. If you're new to our website, "welcome!" If you're a return visitor, "welcome back!"

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